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Karen has changed my life. I was at a very low point and knew it was time to seek help. I was struggling to decide on which therapist to contact, as I had been to one over 10 years ago but did not feel it was working for me. I am glad I chose Karen as I felt at ease upon meeting her for the first time.
She listened carefully to my issues as I explained them and did not judge or question me.
One of the reasons I chose Karen to be my therapist is because she offers face-to-face sessions. I intended on only attending this type of therapy, however she suggested we also try remote virtual meetings. These went far better than I expected. The option of both allowed me to work my sessions around my changing work rota, and also complete my course of therapy in a much shorter timeframe.

I greatly appreciated the 'homework' she set me, as it meant I had to pull my weight and actually commit to the plan she had set for me.
I wasn't sure how many sessions and months it would take Karen to 'fix' me, but it was far less than I had expected which proves her plan worked. Shortly after our penultimate session I remember being at work and feeling like a heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I am now able to accept my weaknesses, but more importantly, also my strengths. I no longer feel the need to apologise for who I am and strive for things which I think will please others.
Ultimately Karen gave me the tools to see that I have worth and deserve to be happy.
I no longer feel constantly anxious and when I do feel it coming I am better able to step back and take a moment to process how I am thinking and feeling, then move on in a constructive manner.

When I first started working with you, I was very low and struggled daily sometime multiple times daily.  Even now when I’m doing much better, I still use the things you taught me daily. You provided a safe place and were very easy to open up to and discuss everything with. Thank you so much for your help. 

My first session began at All Seasons Therapy after recognising that I wasn’t feeling or acting like myself. The pressures of running my own business, financial and parental responsibilities and marital issues were causing feelings of low self-esteem, outbursts of anger and on occasion being abusive towards my partner. At an all-time low, and knowing that something had to change I reached out to Karen for help. Working with me over a 10 week period she was able to help me to identify and recognise my feelings and how to better control my actions. It has been a life altering experience that has had an incredibly positive effect on not only my life but my wife and child too. Right from the outset Karen worked with me to set goals for my recovery, setting a foundation for what I was hoping to achieve and revisiting at milestones to ensure I was happy with our progress. Each session felt personally arranged to my situation with no pressure to talk about subjects or issues on the agenda, a flexible approach with the ability to discuss things that felt important for me at that time. Karen’s ability to convey my complex feelings in an easy-to-understand way made it possible for me to identify triggers and utilise her suggested coping tools. From discussing past traumas of abuse and physical violence to current negative influences Karen showed deeply authentic compassion throughout. Her empathetic approach to my situation made talking about sensitive subjects very comfortable to do. It’s clear that Karen cares deeply for her clients. As a result of the sessions, I feel more confident, motivated to live in the present, some deeply embedded negative memories have been put to rest and I’ve gained tools for living a more positive life. I am extremely grateful for Karen’s guidance, she is a caring, professional therapist and I would highly recommend to those seeking to make positive change to their lives."

I have struggled with depression, work stress and burnout for a long time now, maybe my entire adult life, and have had counselling and therapy in the past. When I came to Karen I had a feeling of always returning to the same place with burnout. I knew I needed help and needed to make changes, but couldn't lift the fog to see what those changes were and how to make them. Karen makes me feel heard and seen and understood. She challenges me to elucidate what is going on for me beyond the visible symptoms or reactions, to the underlying causes. She holds space for me to think about myself, my needs and my wants (including when I don't know what they are!). She encourages me to push against my inner voice telling me it is selfish to spend that time on me. Karen is thoughtful and insightful and brings lots of tools and techniques to help me navigate what I am bringing to session and to break the cycle of negative thoughts that bring me back to burnout. Thank you Karen!

When I contacted Karen I was suffering with severe health anxiety. I had intro calls with other therapists but felt that Karen was warm and I did not feel any pressure. This carried through into our sessions where Karen was patient and thoughtful. I often struggle to open up and some sessions I would be more chatty than others - Karen managed this very well. Each session I learned new techniques and by the end I went away happier than my previous ‘normal’ even before health anxiety. I can only express my thanks to Karen and wouldn’t hesitate to return to her if I face any future problems.

"I have found my sessions to be extremely helpful and given me the toolkit to reach my goals. More that this it's given me the skills to independently manage problems and manage my anxiety. Karen is supportive and nurturing and always looks to develop each session so it can be tailored to your individual need. Karen is a professional and warm therapist whom I would highly recommend."

Starting therapy can be a daunting task, and I've heard it can take a few tries before you find someone you feel comfortable/align with. Karen at All Seasons Therapy was my first choice and I felt I got so incredibly lucky with her. I expected it to be awkward in the beginning when you're talking to a stranger about your personal life, but I felt at ease with Karen early in our sessions. She is a warm, approachable, and empathetic person and I have never felt judged no matter how heavy the topic. Karen really fosters a safe space for you so that you can discuss your traumas, process and heal. In terms of the therapy, I thought I'd be too stubborn for CBT but I see the positive change in my thought process now that I have finished. It's helped to break the cycle of negative thoughts and actions that keeps me in my dark place. Karen has also helped me break the habits with various tools and improved the way I look after myself by recognising the warning signs and investing in the activities and people that are good for me. She is also fully accepting when I don't feel certain techniques would work for me and is happy to recommend other options. Throughout the sessions, Karen keeps you focused on your goals (established at the beginning of therapy), follows the pace at which you're comfortable with, provides progress updates against your goals and lets you know when you're ready to "fly the nest", if you so wish. Overall, I highly recommend Karen at All Seasons Therapy. I always felt that Karen put my wellbeing as her number 1 priority (despite all the noise I may bring to the session!). You'll learn a lot about yourself as Karen is able to decipher how your mind works based on your experiences and will help you every step of the way on how to accept, set healthy boundaries, or break the cycle for your wellbeing going forward."

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