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My Approach


                                                      INITIAL TELEPHONE CONSULTATION

I will offer you a 10-15 minute initial telephone consultation at a time of your convenience.  During this consultation we will briefly discuss what your difficulties are, what you are looking for and whether an assessment appointment might be helpful.  If you wish to proceed then we will agree on a mutually convenient time.  I will email you a copy of my terms and conditions and ask that you read over them before your first appointment.  

                                                                 FIRST APPOINTMENT

We will do an initial assessment, and upon hearing your presenting issue, I will work on a treatment plan which we can look at together. At the start of each session we will set out our agenda for the hour. This can be things that you wish to include and may also include some psychoeducation from me. Depending on what comes up in therapy sessions, the treatment plan may vary at times. There will be work for you to do by yourself throughout each week and together we can review your progress. CBT is goal orientated and therefore you will be asked to set some goals that you would like to achieve through therapy. I will also assess your progress throughout our sessions and may provide handouts relevant to our topic or provide links for you to use in order to provide as much psychoeducation for you as possible.  

Occasionally, it may be beneficial to use guided discovery, breathing exercises and gentle meditation. This is used only if you are comfortable trying it as I understand these things are not for everyone.

Appointments are normally scheduled weekly or fortnightly but there is flexibility in frequency to suit you. 

We will regularly check in with your goals and progress.



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